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Happy One Year to Us!

Yesterday was our very first wedding anniversary!  I will say, I don’t quite know where the year went.  Well, I do — a house hunt, a move, a few weddings, a couple of vacations and celebrations — but still, it went by far too fast.  It seems so cliche to say “Oh, how time flies,” but it is so very true.  Regardless, we slowed our pace over the weekend to celebrate each other as husband + wife!

our first anniversary last-minute pic

After a Saturday stroll along Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, stopping in to peek around the vintage shop and then an art gallery, we took our seats for a fine feast at Lantern.  And, oh — how we were spoiled!  A bottle of wine, two appetizers, two entrees, two desserts, and two sweet after-dinner drinks later, we headed home with sated appetites to settle in for a quiet evening.  (I completely forgot to have our photo taken at the restaurant, so had to make do with a couple of iPhone pics at home.)

spending our anniversary day at artspark

Sunday we awoke with big breakfast plans and a trip downtown to explore a bit more of ArtSpark.  We happened upon an interactive installation involving the placement of memories and wishes on a large scale city map.  We created our “We got married!” memory flag and I remembered to take a photo (yay!)… but I closed my eyes and it’s the only photo we have of the day.  (Another photo fail.  Boo.)

we got married at mordecai park | recording memories at artspark

memory art interactive installation at artspark | downtown raleigh, north carolina

Despite my incapability to take any decent photos of the both of us over the weekend, we had great weather + wonderful times.  And we will certainly always have the memories!


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