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ArtSpark, MusicSpark, + Kings at Kings

You know how I previously mentioned the many birthdays that make up this month?  Well, it’s not just a month chockfull of cakes and candles, there is more: festivals, anniversaries, weddings, and the like.  Last weekend, Hopscotch goers swarmed the streets of downtown Raleigh with ears wide open and feet eager to tap.  This week, local bands lay the soundtrack for SparkCon, in which artists, comics, techies, designers, and generally all creatives come together to celebrate and share their craft.

The four day art fest was full throttle Friday evening with Once & Future Kings headlining at Kings Barcade.  Prior to the show, Matt and I, with a fabulous Joule coffee in hand, caught a hysterical comedy troupe at the City of Raleigh Museum.  We had to duck out just before the stand-up (sad face here) to catch the bands opening for OFK (because it’s the nice thing to do and, hey, we like music!).

artspark chalk drawing | alice in wonderland

artspark chalk drawing | owl

artspark chalk drawing | portrait

Meanwhile, among the musicians and circus acts, artists also convene along Fayetteville Street to chalk the streets colorful.

artspark | interactive art installation at cam

artspark | interactive video installation at cam

And across town, at CAM, interactive art and video installations engage and entertain festival goers.

Now go and enjoy this awesome festival for yourself!  If you miss out, not to worry, there will be more fun soon… so much so that Innovate Raleigh devised a way to promote it at once, as the MAIN Event.  And you thought I was kidding about all of the busy awesomeness this month!


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