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Bits + Baubles: Wedding Day Pair

faceted czech glass earrings from etsy

These chunky, but lovely, faceted glass earrings are among my favorite wear-with-anything-and-feel-pretty pairs!  My husband bought me a pair for Christmas one year (back when we were dating actually) and I wore them everywhere.  I even wore them out on my bachelorette night… and proceeded to lose one.  I scoured the hotel room the next morning in search of it.  I was so sad.  That was in August of last year.

On our wedding day, last September 15th, we exchanged small gifts in the morning before splitting ways to get ready with our guys and gals.  Of course, I was so thrilled that he had bought me a new pair!  I wore them for the wedding and I’ve worn them a whole lot since too.  Part of me is a little worried I might lose another, but I just love them so.

I should add that he bought these on Etsy!  Since he did the buying, I’m not 100% of the shop, but I’m gonna do some investigating and let you know.


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