bird + beau

Light the Sparklers + Get Excited!

It’s the 4th of July!  Happy summer.  Happy Independence Day.  Happy pool time, firework lighting, and grilling out while celebrating this holiday weekend!

To add to the celebration, bird + beau is so very close to 100 likes on Facebook and, oh boy, are there some goodies in store…

independence day sale + giveaway

If you haven’t liked b+b on FB yet, go do it!  If you have, tell your pals (the more, the merrier).  TODAY, July 4th, when the 100th person clicks that little cute “Like” button, I’ll announce a celebratory sale.  Then when only four more likes come in (you know, for the fourth and all), I’ll announce a giveaway!

For sale + giveaway to take effect, 100, then 104, likes must be reached by tonight at midnight.  Details of each will be announced here and on Facebook upon completion of terms.


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