bird + beau

A Pretty Prop: Teeny Tiny Espresso Cup

oh, just a cute little espresso cup

This teeny tiny espresso cup is one of my oldest and most darling little props!  I love its simplicity and modern elegance.  It was the first of all of my white props and used to be the sole star of my shoots.  Though I like to introduce other shapes and textures, this little rotund guy is still a favorite.  (Actually, its tendency to appear larger than life in photos is what prompted this series… not only do I enjoy sharing the stories of these props, but I hope to put their size into perspective.)  When this itsy-bitsy cup isn’t posing for pictures, it’s hanging out with all of the other cool mugs.

Measurements:  Width across the top is about 2.75″ and it sits at 2″ tall.  (I told you he’s a little one.)



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