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DIY: Yarn-Wrapped Table Makeover!

In getting my new space together, I spontaneously decided to give a small table of mine a quick makeover.  Check it out:

before photo of diy yarn-wrapped table makeover

I bought this little guy years ago in Wilmington, back when I couldn’t get enough of the shabby chic beachy look — still love it, but I don’t live at the beach anymore and it was high time for a little sprucing up.

craft supplies: small glue gun

Enter my trusty (albeit mini) glue gun.   No project is too big… okay, well, surely many probably are, but this one was a simple challenge.

easy yarn + table project

Just a dot at the beginning and end of my yarn-wrapped sections was all it needed.  Easy, right?!  (I would certainly recommend more if you try this on a high traffic piece.)  Can you tell I only painted the rings between the yarn first?  I wasn’t sure I was going to paint the whole thing.  I did say this was a spontaneous project and I totally winged it.

craft supplies: paint + brush + yarn

I’m not always so classy as to use cardboard as my palette, but in this fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants project it was quite fitting.

super easy project: yarn wrapped table legs

A fresh coat of paint and some unexpected yellow yarn later, this table got quite an easy and cheap DIY makeover.  It is so simple, you can drink a bloody mary whilst you work!


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