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A Pretty Prop: Caribbean Coral

a pretty prop: coral found on the beach in provodenciales

I have a handful of favorite props I use when styling my product photos, collected from here, there, and everywhere.  To give you a peek behind-the-scenes, I’ll be sharing the sweet details of each of them in this series, A Pretty Prop.

The lovely piece of coral shown above traveled all the way up here to little old Raleigh, North Carolina, by way of JFK airport, from Provodenciales, Turks + Caicos!  A couple of summers ago, we joined our family for vacation to visit one of our brothers living there.  We toured the whole island belonger-style!  Down there, you’re either a “belonger” or a “non-belonger” — we weren’t, of course, but he kind of was at that point.  Enjoying the local beaches and snorkeling around the island (including the Great Barrier Reef!) led us to find many treasures; among them, this favorite chunk of washed ashore coral.  When it’s not being used for pretty pictures, it makes my desk look nice.

Measurements: About 3.5″ tall and 3″ wide based on orientation in photo.


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