real life

A Month of Moving

so excited to be homeowners!

Big news… the mister and I just bought our first home!  (Yep, that explains my MIAness over the past few weeks.)  It’s been exciting and exhausting, but we are so happy to have a new lovely place to call home!

wine + a yard sale at the old house.

We literally had about four yard sales at the old place to pare down and save for the move.  Whew!  (A little bit of wine helped keep me sane.)  We sent all of our leftovers to our local Cause for Paws thrift shop to help raise funds to shelter homeless furry friends.  Thanks for the pick up CFP!

lots of things to pack and move!

We had lots to move… including that super cool man bust I picked up awhile ago from Ornamentea downtown.  It’s going to come in especially handy when the guys (Matt’s band, Once + Future Kings) start selling their new tees at shows!

packing paint supplies.

Packing up my art room was no simple task and unpacking is thus far an unfinished task.  I have, however, already painted my new art studio closet yellow (so excited!) and I cannot wait to get it all in order.

yay for my new keys and moon and lola keychain!

Of course, I was thrilled to add a bright and shiny new house key to my key chain, but then to top it off with a minty fresh Moon and Lola monogram was the icing on the cake.

getting all settled, doggie approved.

Lily (above) was a bit hesitant at first, but I think she approves now that she’s getting spoiled with new beds, new treats, and playtime on the deck.  B is more than excited to have new romping grounds.  I’d say our little family is settling in nicely!


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